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Brian meeting Charles Baynes Reid our special advisor for North America based in New York City

Brian McCormack (right) welcomes Charlie Baynes-Reid at the Scottish Development International offices in Glasgow on 5th March 2020.


McCormack Innovation, the Scottish-based, award-winning, innovator has successfully developed a suite of dissolving materials specifically designed for the medical & personal care markets is currently rolling out an international expansion strategy.

The company behind the world’s first dissolving wet wipe has announced the appointment of Charlie Baynes-Reid as Special Advisor & North American representative based in New York City.
Charlie is dual qualified as an English lawyer and a member of the New York Bar.

He is a founding partner and Managing Director of NewHold Enterprises.

Over the past 20 years as a lawyer and investor he has spent time working in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America and has significant experience in consumer products and business services investments focused on health and wellness and environmental services.

Charlie currently serves as the Chairman of Macro Energy, is on the Board of NewHold AEC Corp., Powerful Foods LLC and is a Board observer for Luna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Brian McCormack said: “We are extremely happy that Charlie has joined the McCormack team and brings with him experience in working in markets around the world and navigating commercial and business issues to establish successful and enduring commercial partnerships. His combination of legal and commercial experience will be a real asset for McCormack Innovation.”

Charlie commented: “I am very excited to have the opportunity to partner with McCormack Innovation to bring their unique range of products to markets around the world, both for medical and general consumer applications. What the business has been able to achieve to date is nothing short of remarkable and their dedication and focus on solving problems and developing solutions which will have long standing environmental and health benefits is inspiring.”

McCormack Innovation has a proven track record in developing pioneering products for the medical market. It recently announced the creation of the world’s first 100% environmentally friendly soluble wet wipe that dissolves in seconds when immersed in water and has been awarded the Fine to Flush accreditation by Water UK.
McCormack Innovation has also announced that it is soon to launch a soluble anti-coronavirus wipe.

Working with the support of Dr Michail Kalloudis, Director of Impact Solutions laboratory, Grangemouth, Scotland, Dr Kalloudis has confirmed having used the appropriate chemicals at the correct volumes that these wipes are effective against viruses including the corona virus.

Scientific testing has proceeded positively and final EN certification trials are to be carried out by Melbec labs with the certified product being ready for market within a matter of weeks.
Brian McCormack continued: “When the virus struck it was clear it was very contagious; we looked at developing a wipe that was effective against the virus that could be flushed away down the sink or toilet. After extensive trials we managed to overcome the issues of using highly complex chemicals with sensitive material that enables the structure to hold and do its job of killing the virus then dissolve in water in a matter of minutes. The main areas of use for this wipe would be in any ICU (Intensive Care Unit) where Covid 19 is known to be present. At the moment wipes are bagged and taken out of the unit to be disposed of. This presents a high risk of cross infection. Our wipes would never leave the unit. They would simply be flushed away. This would immediately break the chain of cross infection from this monster virus.”

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