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Brian McCormack

Managing Director

Brian is the winner of the 2017 Fife Hero and Business Award.

The FlushawayTM Stool Collector system was developed out of necessity. When I first received my bowel screening test kit in the post I could immediately see that a proper stool collection method should be part of this.

I then went about developing what now is the safe and convenient way in which to take stool samples. It soon became apparent that the largest application of this product would be in hospitals and clinics and through pharmacies for home use.

I am so happy to see this product drawing attention and look forward to its use for infection prevention and raising the compliance rates of bowel screening programmes worldwide.

In recognition of his work, the Lord Lieutenant of Fife has invited Brian to Her Majesty the Queen’s garden party in the Palace of Holyrood in Edinburgh.

Brian has been put forward for the Vibes award 2018 which is an environmental award.


 Garry Crighton M.Sc

Operations Director

Mr Crighton is a 60 year old HSE, Quality management and Business Management Systems veteran.
Mr Crighton has worked in the fields of Inspection, QA/QC Engineering/Management, Information Management, Project Management, HSE Management (Design and Construction), Business Risk Management and Maintenance and Operations Management as well as the development, implementation of HSE and Quality management systems. With his many years of work in Europe, Middle and Far East, Mr Crighton brings with him the business and cultural understanding to play a key role in the development of McCormack Innovation Ltd. In thier expanding field of operations. Mr Crighton holds an M.Sc. in Technology and Management from Aberdeen University.

Brodie Crighton

Sales Manager, Middle East

After completing his degree in International Peace and Development, Brodie has spent the last 18 months in medical recruitment where he has already built working relationships with the key individuals of healthcare organisations to streamline business development processes where and when possible.

Having been spent his formative years in the Middle East, between Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE, Brodie has a working knowledge of the Arabic language and possesses a deep cultural understanding of the region.

For McCormack Innovation his prime objective is to introduce the products to large government institutions and private entities in the Gulf Cooperation Council (G.C.C.) region.

Once fully operational he will then focus on Asian and Africa markets, where these products are equally needed.

Mr Crighton holds a BA (Hons) in International Peace and Development

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