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Brian McCormack

Managing Director, Founder and Inventor

Scottish Edge Round 12 Finalist

McCormack Innovation is the brainchild of inventor and entrepreneur Brian McCormack.

Born and raised in the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland, Brian epitomises the hard-working Scottish ethos. He left school at 15 and worked between coal mines (initially working above ground at the Francis Colliery aged 15 then going underground at the Seafield colliery aged 16 and coalface aged 18). His career progressed working on the development of sewage tunnels for about 10 years.

With entrepreneurialism running hard through him, Brian later ran and then sold a taxi business.

His inspiration for McCormack Innovation and the creation of a dissolving material was developed out of necessity. When he first received his bowel screening test kit in the post he could immediately see that a proper stool collection method should be incorporated.

He then went about developing what now is the safe and more convenient way in which to collect stool samples. It soon became apparent that a major application of this product would be in hospitals, clinics and through pharmacies for home use as well. Moreover 3500 units were immediately purchased by a medical diagnostics company in Sweden who could see the benefits of the product – being flushable down the toilet.

Brian went on to development an environmentally friendly dissolving wipe – the world’s first soluble wet wipe for medical and personal care with coveted Fine to Flush certification.


Garry Crighton M.Sc

Operations Director

Mr Crighton is a 60 year old HSE, Quality management and Business Management Systems veteran.
Mr Crighton has worked in the fields of Inspection, QA/QC Engineering/Management, Information Management, Project Management, HSE Management (Design and Construction), Business Risk Management and Maintenance and Operations Management as well as the development, implementation of HSE and Quality management systems. With his many years of work in Europe, Middle and Far East, Mr Crighton brings with him the business and cultural understanding to play a key role in the development of McCormack Innovation Ltd In their expanding field of operations.

Mr Crighton holds an M.Sc. in Technology and Management from Aberdeen University.


Charles Baynes Reid

Special advisor & North American representative based in New York City

Charlie is a founding partner and Managing Director of NewHold Enterprises and will be joining McCormack Innovation as a Special Advisor and North American Representative, based in New York.

Over the past 20 years as a lawyer and investor he has spent time working in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America and has significant experience in consumer products and business services investments focused on health and wellness and environmental services.

Charlie is dual qualified as an English lawyer and a member of the New York Bar.

Charlie currently serves as the Chairman of Macro Energy, is on the Board of NewHold AEC Corp., Powerful Foods LLC and is a Board observer for Luna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Charlie brings a wealth of experience to the team. “I am very excited to have the opportunity to partner with McCormack Innovation to bring their unique range of products to markets around the world, both for medical and general consumer applications. What Brian and Garry have been able to achieve to date is nothing short of remarkable and their dedication and focus on solving problems and developing solutions which will have long standing environmental and health benefits is inspiring.”

Brian McCormack said: “We are extremely happy that Charlie has joined the McCormack team and brings with him experience in working in markets around the world and navigating commercial and business issues to establish successful and enduring commercial partnerships. His combination of legal and commercial experience will be a real asset for McCormack Innovation.”

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